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Handmade knives and folding knives, manufacturer since 1950


D. Eladio Muela
D. Eladio Muela, Manufacturas Muela's founder

From the 1950s, when Eladio Muela began to receive orders for his 38-piece handcrafted folding knife, until the present time, Manufacturas Muela has done nothing else but develop and improve the methods and techniques to create the best knives and folding knives.
Thus, although we are in the 21st century and our products are manufactured with modern machines, many of which are computer assisted and controlled by specialised technical staff, in Manufacturas Muela we are proud to preserve a high degree of craftsmanship in the making of our luxury, handcrafted, sporting, tactical knives and folding knives for hunting, using even hand filing file and the superior know-how of our expert workforce to make products of exceptional quality.

Optimised manufacturing process

Once the metal has been chosen for the different models of knives and folding knives, most frequently high quality martensitic steel, the processes required to obtain each piece are carried out in the same factory.

Cutting the sheets, machining each blade, grinding and thermal or surface treatments are carried out by machines, assisted by computerised technology and controlled by specialised personnel.
Then each blade is manually secured to the handle, which is very often carved by specialised craftsmen.
Manufacturas Muela makes many of its handles from deer antler, a material that is also selected, carved and adjusted in our factory. To design and make the sheaths of each model, we have a leatherworking department, where leather is turned into the sheaths that accompany the different models are designed, cut, sewn and finished. When this work has been done, the knives and folding knives are sharpened, polished, checked and packaged for the market.

This is why in Muela we say that the manufacturing of our knives and folding knives shares the advantages of modern and efficient technology and the know-how and originality of the craftsman.
Manufacturas Muela, S.A.
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